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    with the editors and authors of MAKE Thursday July 1, 2010

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    Controlled mushroom habitat with Arduino


    Instructables user anthony_p1234 writes:

    This is my first Arduino project aimed at helping me with my other hobby which is growing oyster and shiitake mushrooms indoors. In a nutshell, the controller takes in two temperature readings, 1 Humidity reading and 1 Co2 reading and triggers a set of four relays connected to mains power. Intended to be connected to the mains are two heating pads, a sonic humidifier and an air pump (although the choice isn’t limited to these of course).

    Arduino-powered mushroom environment controller

    Posted by Becky Stern | 8:00 AM in Arduino, DIY Projects, Instructables | | Discuss (0)

    Arduino-based scooter computer

    TransportationKurt Schulz of Cincinnati, OH, wrote in with with his Scooterputer project, which uses a Duemilanove Arduino, a custom “sensor shield” and a Liquidware touchscreen OLED display to add functionality to his whip: * Battery voltage indicator * Time… Read More

    Homages to Escher’s “Drawing Hands”

    ArtsUppermost, what I’m pretty sure is a rendering of a virtual Lego model called Brick by Brick, by graphic designer Ian Leino. Immediately above, MC MECHANIC, by photographer Shane Willis. Read More

    Click here to find out more!

    Our Solar System — An experiment with CSS3 border-radius, transforms & animations

    OnlineWow, in Safari and/or Chrome this is really nice… An experiment with CSS3 border-radius, transforms & animations I can’t wait to see the gears, mechanical illustrations and animations that folks will be creating soon all with CSS…. Read More

    New in the Maker Shed: Hackable Pixel Qi displays

    ComputersWell, I finally get to let the cat out of the bag. We’ve got Pixel Qi screens available in the Maker Shed as of today. Read More

    Core77 talks to Apple Senior Design veep Jonathan Ive

    iPhoneOur friends over at Core77 got a chance to sit down with Apple’s Senior Vice President of Design, Jonathan Ive, to talk about the materials that went into, and informed the design of, the iPhone 4. Yeah, I know,… Read More

    Evelin Kasikov’s cross-stitched CMYK alphabet

    CraftsEvelin Kasikov’s cross-stitched CMYK alphabet via Waxy… CMYK Alphabet is a typographic experiment, a set of 26 sans-serif uppercase letterforms on a grid of 5×5 inch. Each letter is hand embroidered using a combination of two overlapping CMYK colours…. Read More

    The curious case of the 7% resistors

    ElectronicsEver have an application where you needed resistors with accurate values, but couldn’t find any in your pile of cheap ones that had exactly the value was marked on them? Read More

    How-To: Trap lightning in a block

    ScienceScience bad boy Theo Gray shows you how to create lightning bolts in a piece of acrylic. OK, so you need the juice of a five-million-volt particle accelerator to get the effect seen here (via the Kent State Neo… Read More

    Stéphane Halleux’s amazing Mr. Hublot

    ArtsStéphane Halleux is one of my favorite artists. We’ve covered his whimsical, characterful, other-worldly sculptures here before. I’ve been excited to be following his recent adventures in turning his amazing characters into a movie. Here’s the latest video test… Read More

    “Clouds and Rain” Kiridashi

    Makers MarketA kiridashi is a kind of all-purpose Japanese utility knife, of minimalist styling, commonly without a separate handle. Hand-forged for $45 from bladesmith Scott A. Roush of Washburn, Wisconsin. Includes leather sheath, tassel, and naturally-shed horn bead. Read More

    Using a MakerBot as a microscope

    3D printingCatarina M and Joel Belouet have been experimenting with using a MakerBot as a microscope stage. Read More

    A Concerto for Three MakerBots

    3D printingCrashSpace hosted a night of hand made music on June 25th 2010. Among the performances was a Concerto for Three MakerBots composed by Frank Capodieci. MakerBots are 3D printers that create objects out of plastic, but in this case… Read More

    Toolbox Review: Edsyn Fuminator solder fume extractor

    ReviewsEver come out of a long kit build with a splitting headache from the solder fumes? Me too. A benchtop solder fume extractor’s been on my shopping list for some time, but to be honest, I wasn’t very excited… Read More

    Make: Hou July meeting is tomorrow

    EventsJoe Gourlay writes in to remind us that the next Make: Houston meeting is tomorrow, July 1st Read More

    Audio myths dispelled

    MusicFrom ultra-low noise AC power cables to a frequency-calibrated jar of stones, it’s pretty amazing what can be sold in the pursuit of better sound. As it turns out, most of these subtle yet pricey upgrades/enhancements are nothing more… Read More

    Massive printable “Tree of Life” graphic for free download

    BiologyThis tree is from an analysis of small subunit rRNA sequences sampled from about 3,000 species from throughout the Tree of Life. The species were chosen based on their availability, but we attempted to include most of the major groups, sampled very roughly in proportion to the number of known species in each group (although many groups remain over- or under-represented). The number of species represented is approximately the square-root of the number of species thought to exist on Earth (i.e., three thousand out of an estimated nine million species), or about 0.18% of the 1.7 million species that have been formally described and named. Read More

    California table

    FurnitureI spotted Jared Rusten’s walnut and oak California table in the CRAFT Flickr pool this weekend, and I couldn’t resist sharing it! It’s four feet long and the wood was salvaged from a local CA source…. Read More

    New in the Maker Shed: Maker Faire PumLantern kit

    ElectronicsSpecial Maker Faire version! Meet the PumLantern – a solar-charged, night-time activated light-pulsing lantern! This new pummer features even brighter LEDs than the old HexPummer, as well as stylized lantern construction Read More