Co-operative Support Services (CSS) is a social enterprise development agency serving the diverse communities of island of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It’s work is focussed on development and support for democratically managed models of enterprise to meet the needs of local communities.

The key function of CSS is the promotion, development and support of co-operative/social enterprise sector as part of local sustainable economic development. CSS encourages and supports potential community entrepreneurs to put their ideas into practice. The approach creates ownership of the proposal amongst all involved and commitment to the long-term sustainability of the enterprise.

CSS services include:-

  • General advice on Co-operative/democratic/social enterprises models of managing a business.
  • Advice is normally provided free of charge.
  • Development support to groups and individuals in setting up Co-operative enterprises.
  • Start-up training programmes-from basic introductory programmes to comprehensive ones providing nationally recognised business management and administration qualifications.
  • Trading sector training services include a range of tailor-made programmes from short one day sessions to comprehensive courses on different aspects of managing a Co-operative enterprise.
  • Consultancy services include feasibility studies, business analysis and management reviews.