The UL safety Mark for Europe A well-recognised and valuable mark to foster global trade

The global marketplace is changing fast, and consumers are looking more and more for a well-recognised and valuable mark that gives them confidence in the safety of the products they are choosing. Trust in a manufacturer’s safety claim is key, and going the extra step to earn a voluntary safety mark to accompany a CE Marking is evidence of a manufacturer’s commitment to safety.

Independent, meaningful and delivering value throughout the entire product distribution chain the UL pan-European Mark differentiates both the manufacturers and their products in today’s highly competitive landscape. It also addresses industry desire to reduce the overall number of certification marks as well as our customers’ needs for a strong global brand behind the marks they associate with their products.

Choose the UL pan-European Mark The voluntary mark that adds value to your products

The UL-EU Mark is a voluntary pan-European certification Mark of Underwriters Laboratories for all electrical and electronic devices and related components where an EN standard exists.

Intended for use in the European market, the UL-EU Mark indicates a product compliance with EN safety standards, addressing the growing consumer demand for safer products.

The UL-EU Mark allows manufacturers to represent the safety of their products and benefit from unparalleled commitment to public safety, for which UL is known by companies, retailers, regulators and consumers throughout the world. The UL-EU certificate grants eligibility to display the UL-EU Mark on products.

Consumers can now look for a UL Mark on products they buy from global destinations and be confident that the products they‘re choosing have been tested and certified through the high quality process for which UL is known.

Take advantage of the combined UL-EU Mark A single mark for Europe, Canada and the United States

The UL-EU Mark can be combined with the C-UL-US Mark for Canada and the United States.

UL is globally recognised as the most respected third-party product safety certification organisation in North America, where it has gained the trust of manufacturers, retailers, consumers and regulatory authorities.

Through UL, manufacturers now have the benefit of taking product through a safety testing and certification process once, receiving authorisation to apply a combined UL certification Mark to demonstrate compliance for Europe, Canada and the United States to the marketplace, and leveraging that single source for market compliance.

Manufacturers and consumers alike are concerned that products entering the marketplace are safe for use. The pan-European Mark along with the UL Listing Marks for Canada and the United States provide peace of mind that products have been tested for safety.