Cooperative Europe – The Europe region of the International Co-operative Alliance

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Members’ News UK Coop Sector nudges £34 billion / €41 billion 2 July 2010

Members’ News Aldo Soldi new president of Euro Coop 2011-12 2 July 2010

Coop Solutions Awards for Cooperative Innovation – UK 2 July 2010

Feature article International Cooperative Day 3 July 2010 2 July 2010

Members’ News Industry and Service Coops Resilience to Crisis – CECOP/CICOPA Report 1 July 2010

ICA Publications ICA News Digest 69 1 July 2010

Press Room – Feature Articles Cooperative Opportunity despite Economic Gloom 4 June 2010

Brussels2010 Activity Review 2006-10 Team Presentation 4 June 2010

Brussels 2010 Publications- 2009 Annual Report, Activity Review 2006-10 and Key Statistics 2010 3 June 2010

Brussels2010 European Audit and Control Committee members 2 June 2010

Brussels2010 Board Members Elected 2 June 2010

Brussels2010 Pictures of the key players at the Regional Assembly 2 June 2010

Members’ News Skills Lifelong learning for cooperatives 27 May 2010

EU News Commission highlights coop entrepreneurs 27 May 2010

Members’ News Italian Coop wins Champions League 27 May 2010

Members’ News Campaign for Robert Owen on Scottish Banknotes 21 May 2010

Members’ News UK Co-operative Fortnight 19 June- 3 July 20 May 2010


The European region of the International Co-operative Alliance

161 individual co-operative organisations

* From 37 countries out of 42 countries of the European Region

* From 6 European Sector Organisations out of 7

Representing a force for economic and social change of

* 160,000 co-operative enterprises

* 123 million members

* 5.4 million Jobs


The biggest membership organisation in Europe promoting the co-operative model of enterprise for sustainable economic progress with social objectives.

Aiming to …

unite, represent, promote and defend co-operatives in Europe;

… support & grow the co-operative model of enterprise and co-operative organizations across Europe;

… provide consultation, research, development, members’ services and share experience and best practice.

Round-up of European co-operative news

International Cooperative Day 3 July 2010

“Co-operative enterprise empowers women”

“La empresa cooperativa empodera a la mujeres”

“L’entreprise coopérative autonomise les femmes”

This year’s theme highlights how the cooperative model of enterprise can successfully empower women. It links to the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action (Beijing+15) which sets out the internationally agreed agenda for women’s empowerment.

Examples of women cooperative entrepreneurs

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UK Coop sector nudges £34 billion/€41 billion

Latest figures from Co-operatives UK reveal that co-operative businesses in the UK have pushed up their combined turnover by some 15.8% to almost £34 billion / €41 billion– during the same period UK GDP decreased by 4.9%.

As the coalition government debates the provision of public services via a co-operative model, and trust in PLCs and other models of business continues to decline, Ed Mayo, Secretary General of the trade body for co-operatives, Co-operatives UK, says the co operative sector is well placed to step up to the challenge.

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Awards for Cooperative Innovation

Six dynamic and successful businesses have been honoured with national Co-operative Awards to recognise their innovation and contribution to the co-operative sector.

Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society, Delta-T Devices, Shared Interest Society, The Handmade Bakery, whomadeyourpants? and Winyates Co-operative Housing received the Co-operative Award in recognition of their excellent work in diverse areas of the economy.

The six winners were chosen from a diverse shortlist and all excelled in the past year to help promote, unite and develop their business as well as the co-operative movement.

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Aldo Soldi, new President of Euro Coop for 2011-12

Euro Coop, the European Community of Consumer Cooperatives, elected its new President for the two-year period 2011-2012. The elected President is the Italian Aldo Soldi, already President of ANCC-COOP, the Italian national association of consumer cooperatives.

The other members of Euro Coop Presidency will be Mr. Zoltán Zs. Szöke, President of the national federation of consumer cooperatives of Hungary, and Mr. Thomas Bagge Olesen, President of the Danish consumer co-operative association FDB.

On the occasion of the annual General Assembly, a workshop on the performance of national consumer cooperatives was organized with the presentation of the results for 2009. The common denominator was clear: even in the context of widespread economic crisis, consumer cooperatives have continued to safeguard the purchasing power of consumers and consumer-members and, at the same time, were able to register good results.

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New co_Presidents and Directors for Cooperatives Europe

In Brussels on 31 May Etienne Pflimlin from Credit Mutuel (FR) and Felice Scalvini from Confcooperative (IT) were elected co-Presidents along with directors from France, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, UK, Finland, Spain, Bulgaria, Denmark, Czech Republic and Russia.

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Skills – LifeLong Learning Programme for cooperatives

Skills project: An EU Lifelong Learning Programme project co-ordinated by Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione – Italy.

Skills’ partners have looked into an innovative lifelong learning system, to help co-operators to become more aware and active, and they found other possibilities in addition to traditional training.

Six partners from Italy, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Finland have worked in a project called Skills. Three of them are cooperative organizations.

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European Commission highlights Coop entrepreneurs

As part of the European Commission’s SME Week 2010, two co-operative entrepreneurs have been highlighted.

Anna DarzentaAnna Darzenta (EL) from ’To Kastri’ Women’s Agro-Tourist Cooperative

Luciana Delle DonneLuciana Delle Donne (IT) from Officina Creativa Soc Coop Sociale

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Italian Coop wins Champions League

The italian coop “Cooperative Prato allo Stelvio” (a member of ConfCooperative (IT)) are the league champions in the Renewable Energy Competition for European municipalities. The energy production coop won the gold medal beating the 2 600 European local authorities and 50 millions inhabitants from seven countries: Germany, Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Czech Republic.

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Campaign for Robert Owen on Scottish Banknotes

The UK’s Co-operative Group is supporting proposals to highlight the achievements of co-operative pioneer Robert Owen by campaigning to have his image featured on Scottish banknotes in time for the International Year of the Co-operative in 2012.

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European Coop Convention and Regional Assembly- Moscow 19-21 April ’10 CANCELLED

In the light of the ongoing extreme travel difficulties being experienced in all parts of Europe following the Icelandic volcanic eruptions, it is with regret that the Cooperatives Europe Regional Assembly and European Convention scheduled to take place in the coming days in Moscow is CANCELLED. The ICA global Board meeting scheduled to take place in Moscow on 22/23 April is also CANCELLED.

The ICA, Cooperatives Europe and our hosts in Russia – Centrosojuz take this decision in the interests of the well-being of delegates to remove any uncertainty of arriving safely in Moscow and, equally as important, the returning home of delegates.

We hope to have the understanding of all delegates about the difficulty of taking this decision and hope that the inconvenience this may cause is balanced by the need for our individual safety at this time.

A further communication will be made in the near future with proposals as to how outstanding issues will be addressed.

Etienne Pflimlin, co-President Cooperatives Europe

Rainer Schluter , Director

Dame Pauline Green, President ICA

Iain Macdonald, DirectorGeneral ICA

Building a co-operative future through a shared global brand

.coop is the de facto verifiable brand identity for cooperatives worldwide. With its primary focus online it is perfectly suited to supporting and promoting cooperative identity in the fastest developing business environment that is revolutionizing the way we all live and work.

.coop is a carefully constructed platform that has been painstakingly developed over the last decade. It is a robust and mature top level domain, and is ideally positioned to provide the social brand platform that will lift the co-operative movement to the next level.

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DG Enterprise website updates – cooperatives

The DG Enterprise website has been just updated including information on 5 ongoing projects on Satellite Accounts for cooperatives and mutuals, the ongoing Study on the implementation of the Statute on the European Cooperative Society and the forthcoming European Conference on Social Economy in Toledo, Spain, 6-7 May 2010.

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Finnish Cooperative Project nominated for European Enterprise Award

A project in Finland for the promotion of cooperatives is in the top 12 projects nominated for an award in the European Enterprise Awards 2010 – “Rewarding excellence in the promotion of ’Entrepreneurship’

Promoting co-operatives as a modern and flexible form of entrepreneurship

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Cooperatives will contribute to the success of the EU2020 Strategy

COOPERATIVES EUROPE welcomes the EU2020 Strategy document published on 3 March by the European Commission, and supports the view that Europe needs a sustainable economy, putting people and responsibility first with a sustained fight against exclusion and a transition to a green economy.

Co-operatives are determined to contribute to the achievement of the EU2020 Strategy’s targets.

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Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all

On the 8th March 2010, International Women’s Day, the ICA calls on its member organisations and co-operators, to review and reinforce their commitments, policies and programmes to make gender equality a reality.

- Let us be leaders in assuring progress for all by taking important steps to booster women’s rights and access to participation and leadership in co-operative enterprise.

- Let us begin by asking all our members to ensure that from this year onwards that their representative delegations are truly gender-balanced.

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EU Jigsaw Complete – New Parliament, New Treaty and New Commission

Michel Barnier, Commissioner for Internal Market & Services will be looking at the model of co-operatives and mutuals in the context of giving fresh impetus to the ’Internal Market’

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Assistance for Cooperatives in Haiti

The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) is mobilising its members and partners around the world to provide emergency relief and reconstruction assistance to co-operators in Haiti following the devastating earthquake of 12 January 2010.

ICA is working with its members and partners to contact the ICA member, Conseil National des Coopératives –CNC– (National Co-operative Council) located in Port-au-Prince to determine the relief and future needs of Haitian co-operators for longer-term reconstruction of the co-operative movement. Information will be available on the ICA website as it becomes available.

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How to contribute

Coop responses

ICA Seeks New Director General

The International Co-operative Alliance is seeking candidates for the position of ICA Director-General.

The Director-General will be responsible for ensuring that the business of the ICA is carried out in accordance with the Values and Principles of the International Co-operative Alliance, the ICA Rules and Bye-Laws, and the strategy agreed by the Board.

Job Description and Application Details

Closing date for applications is 8 March 2010.

UN proclaims 2012 International Year of Cooperatives

The ICA is pleased to announce the adoption of the UN resolution, “Co-operatives and social development” which proclaims 2012 International Year of Co-operatives. The resolution A/RES/64/136) passed on 18 December 2009 by consensus was proposed by 55 UN Member States.

It recognises that the co-operative business model is a major factor in realising economic and social development and calls on governments, international institutions, co-operatives and other stakeholders to support the development and growth of co-operatives worldwide.

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Copenhagen COP15 – Success or Failure?

Read the Copenhagen Accord

What do you think?

Tell us what ACT! should do now to help Cooperatives continue to address the climate threat.

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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a European exchange programme aimed at helping new entrepreneurs to acquire relevant skills for managing a small or medium-sized enterprise by spending time (1 to 6 months) in an enterprise managed by an experienced entrepreneur in another European country.

COOPERATIVES EUROPE and the other 7 European partners of the consortium CoopErasmus (COOPERATIVES UK, CEPES-ANDALUCIA, UNCCUE, ELABORA-CONFCOOPERATIVE, INFORCOOP-LEGACOOP, CCU-BULGARIA, COOMPANION) have been selected to be Intermediary organisations. Intermediary organisations help new and host entrepreneurs in getting in contact and assist them during the relationship.

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Cooperative businesses – Your future is in your hands, take control of it

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Co-operative Support Services (CSS) is a social enterprise development agency serving the diverse communities of island of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It’s work is focussed on development and support for democratically managed models of enterprise to meet the needs of local communities.

The key function of CSS is the promotion, development and support of co-operative/social enterprise sector as part of local sustainable economic development. CSS encourages and supports potential community entrepreneurs to put their ideas into practice. The approach creates ownership of the proposal amongst all involved and commitment to the long-term sustainability of the enterprise.

CSS services include:-

  • General advice on Co-operative/democratic/social enterprises models of managing a business.
  • Advice is normally provided free of charge.
  • Development support to groups and individuals in setting up Co-operative enterprises.
  • Start-up training programmes-from basic introductory programmes to comprehensive ones providing nationally recognised business management and administration qualifications.
  • Trading sector training services include a range of tailor-made programmes from short one day sessions to comprehensive courses on different aspects of managing a Co-operative enterprise.
  • Consultancy services include feasibility studies, business analysis and management reviews.


Applying the Cooperative Business Model

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Applying the Cooperative Business Model from NxBizSuccess on Vimeo.