Create a UML Diagram


Unified modeling language (UML for short), is a standardized language accompanied by a specific set of symbols, used in the field of software engineering among others. UML diagrams make it possible to depict complex processes, systems and architectures in a way that anyone familiar with the unified modeling language will understand. The diagrams may be complex, but creating them with Gliffy is easy.

UML Class Diagram Gliffy Template

Use Gliffy UML Software To Create

  • Class diagrams
  • Object diagrams
  • State diagrams
  • Activity diagrams
  • Sequence diagrams
  • Use case diagrams
  • Collaboration diagrams
  • Component diagrams
  • Deployment diagrams

Easy to Use

Gliffy Is Easy to Use

Gliffy works in all modern web-browsers and features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. There’s nothing to install and almost no learning curve.

Collaborate with Anyone

Collaborate With Anyone

Diagrams can be shared and edited by anyone with an Internet connection, coworkers, friends, even grandma. Gliffy makes collaboration fun.

Collaborate and Share

Use A Template

Whether you’re drawing a UML class, sequence, activity or other type of UML diagram, we have templates and shapes to get you started.