What do you do when you stop engineering sports cars for McLaren? You turn your hand to revolutionising the humble bicycle, that’s what! Anna from Tech Digest sister-site Shiny Shiny had a chat with Richard Thorpe, creator of the electrically powered GoCycle, this week. You can view the interview in the video above.

It’s a pretty crazy concept; a battery assisted bike, it features a handlebar that when squeezed can speed up your cycling and turn you into a pedal-powered Evil Knievel, as demonstrated in the second video here. It has to be recharged from a mains supply for 3 hours, but it can then hit a max speed of 15mph and last for up to 20 miles.

It being National Cycling week next week, why not give it a try if you’ve the cash to spare? Buy it here in instalments of £45 a month, or in one go for £1,495.
Source: http://www.techdigest.tv/2010/06/video_-_gocycle.html